Common Problems Experienced In Today’s Franchising World

The following issues are ones which frequently arise in a franchised relationship. Consideration should be given to these issues when deciding whether a franchise or business opportunity is the right one for you.

  • Anticompetitive Restrictions on Owners or Employees
  • Contractual Waiver of Significant Legal Rights
  • Degree of Good Faith to be Exercised in Contractual Dealings
  • Existence of and Restrictions upon a Franchisee Association
  • Negotiability of “Standard Form” Contracts
  • Organizational or Business Competence of the Franchisor
  • Restrictions on Product or Services Sourcing
  • Restrictions on Transferablity of Ownership
  • Rights and Obligations During the Franchised Relationship, Upon its Termination, and Beyond the Time of Termination
  • Territorial Encroachment
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